Is there a charge to join Bitadvertz?

No, there is no charge to join Bitadvertz.

How much does it cost to advertise?

ALL ADVERTISING Costs are set by the advertiser. Advertisers have complete control over each ad. Ad prices for CPC or CPM can be set as low as an advertiser wishes. However, setting prices that are too low and do not match the cost that publishers set to advertise on their website can result in either slow traffic or even no traffic.

How much do publishers earn for placing advertisements on their website?

Once Bitadvertz officially launches publishers will earn a generous 60% of revenue. Revenue is based on each websites traffic and the advertisers spend.

How much does the Bitadvertz affiliate program pay?

Bitadvertz affiliate program pays 10% on all sales for the life of the advertiser. If you recruit a new advertiser that customer is yours for life and you will earn 10% on every purchase they make forever!

Does the Bitadvertz affiliate program pay 10% for recruited ad publishers?

YES! Bitadvertz affiliate program pays 10% on all income derived from publishers. If you recruit a new publisher that customer is yours for life and you will earn 10% on all revenue that publisher makes forever!

How long does it take to be paid?

We pay every Sunday/Monday after one full week has occurred.

Will Bitadvertz offer advertising in both Bitcoin and US currency?

Yes, we are building a dual platform that allows members to use PayPal, all major credit cards and Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for advertising.

I'm an agency. Do you have any special offers for agency accounts?

Yes! Agencies get accounts and are billed based on the aggregated total of all their accounts on a monthly basis. Please call 1 (919) 351-0670 for more information.

Will Bitadvertz offer geo-targeted city advertising?

Yes, actually it is almost ready to go live.